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T1 ST Plus

T1 ST Plus

  • Clean and sleek, the Velotric T1 ST Plus features an integrated battery with zero external wires. It packs plenty of power inside while maintaining the appearance of a regular bike on the outside.

  • The Velopower™ motor, featuring a 12:1 high reduction ratio inner rotor, generates a max torque of 40Nm and speeds up to 20 MPH by default (Class 1) or 28 MPH when unlocked.

  • Enjoy personalized riding with the T1 ST Plus's 3 custom Riding Modes, each offering 5 levels of pedal assist for the perfect experience.

  • The Velotric T1 ST Plus integrates seamlessly with the Find My app on your iOS device, so you can keep track of your bike alongside your other Apple devices.

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