flat repair

$20 + tube

$20 + tube price ($15 most bikes)

safety first


Clean & lube chain

Inflate Tires

Check and tighten bolts

*Parts not included

very Popular


30 Days Warranty $10 extra 

Bike cleaning

Clean and degrease drive train

Fresh lube (chain, joints, cables)

Brake service

Derailleur/shifter adjustments

True Wheels

Tighten Bolts

*Parts not included

all inclusive


90 Days Warranty $15 extra 

The same tune-up as our very popular but include all small parts required for optimal maintenance as tubes, pads, cables, housing

*Mayor parts not included

We do our best to get tune-ups finished within 24-48hrs of drop-off. 

E-bike Assemble & Tune-up $160

Regular Bikes Assemble and tune-up $99


Have you just bought a new bike online?

Bikes need to be assembled professionally for your safety. 
Brakes need to be aligned, wheels can get tweaked in transit, gears need adjustments and bolts tighten.


To best serve our clientele, we do not perform advanced work on triathlon bikes, or high end road bikes. There are other local shops in the area that cater to these specific riders.

Plan Your Bike Service

We've made it easier than ever to drop off your bike for maintenance or repair work.  Simply book your drop-off time online and one of our friendly, professional mechanics will be ready for you when you arrive.