About Good Vibes Bikes

We are a different kind of bike shop, Honestly pretty much a small e-bike showroom, where you can still see, touch and try the product that we sell before committing to purchase it, like the old times, before internet came. We specialize in electric bicycles, e-bikes, electric bike kits, motorized bicycles and more! We serve all Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia locally but we also offer free shipping on e-bikes and conversion kits all around the country.   

We build a great reputation as we only sell the best selection of electric bicycles and conversion kits that have been tested and selected by our team.


Our goal is to build a cleaner, healthier & friendly environment for ourselves and for our kids.


We provide a great selection of electric bikes for recreation, commute, work, sports, off-road or just for fun.


We see electric bikes as the transportation of the future... available today!


Electric bicycles allow you to exercise at your own pace with the leisure of pedaling like on a regular bike, or using the electric motor for that extra help.


Ideal for hills, long distances, commuting to work or running errands which essentially leads to saving gas, money, and allows you to get in more exercise and help reduce your carbon footprints to have a cleaner planet.