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  • Is 350Watts enough?
    Yes! 350W is more than enough, 250 watts is a small motor mainly for use in flat terrains with a speed of 15MPH, On the other hand 350W are ideal for uphills slopes or to carry more weight easily in any terrain at a speed of 20 MPH
  • Is 7AH enough battery power?
    This battery is a high quality powered lithium-ion battery, 36V, lasting approximately 90km. Although, this does depend on various factors, including terrain, slope, weight and how much you pedal. It is a human nature to always want more! more torque, more power, more battery, but more means also more weight! Do we really need it? The answer is NO, bikes are most of the time used for running errands, commute, or exercise with a shorter rides it is unnecessary to carry all of the extra weight of a hevier motor and battery, Our complete kit weigh just 13lbs.
  • How does the pedal assist work?
    Pedal assist is an operating mode on our kits that provides power from the motor to help you pedal easier and move faster. When you turn on pedal assist and choose your level of assist, (1to 5) the motor will provide a certain level of power output as you pedal. This may feel like a slight push as you ride. pedal-assist feature lets you activate the motor by pedaling instead of using a thumb throttle. The advantage is simple. Instead pressing a throttle to activate the motor, just start pedaling and the motor will power up automatically. We love this feature as you are forced to pedal and exersice at your own pace, when you using this option your battery will last more for longer periods. Our kits have a LCD display with integrated thum throttle also, If you push the thumb throttle the bike will be fully driven by electric power, when you release it the pedal assist system will kick in again automatically.
  • What is included in the kit?
    Complete front wheel with 350W motor, Double wall aluminum rim & tire for an easier installation, 7ah battery in a discreet water bottle shape & water cage holder with integrated controller, digital LCD display with thumb throttle integrated for pedal assist or fully elecrical mode, disc brake if you need it, 1 cable, 36V charger and the best customer support and warranty in the industry
  • Your kit is compatible with my bike brakes?
    YES! our wheels work perfect for V brakes and also are compatible for disk brake bikes with 6 bolt rotors, disk brake is included for free!
  • It will fit my bike?
    Our kit fits all standard bikes. But if you want to make sure, measure the front fork width of your bike which needs to be 10cm, as per the photo. (This is a standard bike size). The wheel spindle needs 1cm width to fit to the forks. You will also need to know your tire diameter, which you will find clearly marked on the side of your tire
  • What are your store Hours
    Tuesday to Friday 11 am to 6 pm, Saturday 9 am to 5 pm, Sunday and Monday we are close
  • Which bikes brands do you carry?
    We are dealers of 12 different brands, but our space is limited, we have available in-store all Aventon and Velotric e-bikes in stock, and some Marin and retrospec bicycles, but we can order for you any bike that you want
  • Where are your bikes Fabricated?
    We want to be completely honest with you, our bikes are fabricated and imported from China as 98% of the other electric bikes brands in the market, maybe some brands just assemble them in USA, but all motors, frames and batteries are imported from China anyhow
  • What is the max speed?
    We want to keep all our bikes under the street legal limit of 20 MPH We want also to be safe for you.
  • Where is the store located
    We are at 1172 Taft St. Rockville MD, 20850, one block from E. Gude Dr
  • Can you fix my bike?
    Yes! we can, we are the biggest and the best repair center in Rockville, and we repair all models and brands
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