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bike & e-bike assembly

Bicycle online retailers try to convince you with a "how to do" video that you only need to adjust a couple of screws to install the handlebar, and front wheel and that's it... Ready to roll, easy peasy! NO! is not true.

Bikes require professional assembly for your own safety, disk brakes need to be aligned, wheels can get tweaked in transit, improperly tensioned and prone to damage, missed shifting drivetrain, underinflated tires, lost headsets, and other problems, meaning extra time and money to get those issues resolved.

If you are not a trained professional do not attempt assembly yourself due to serious safety concerns!

Every bike that we sell, comes with free assembling

If you already bought your bike online. Please bring it to us or schedule a pickup for a professional assembly.

If you haven't bought it yet. Please buy it with us. We offer Free assembling and delivery at the same price that you can find online.

If we don't sell the bike that you want. Order it online and ship it directly to us, you will save time and save yourself a trip.

  • Single speed bike assembly $70

  • Multi speed bike assembly $99

  • Bike assembly high-end or electronic shifting $160

  • E-bike assembly $160

  • Trikes Assembly $180

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