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We are looking forward to a busy riding schedule including local rides for beginners and intermediate riders, and advanced rides for more experienced riders, all led by exceptional ride leaders. The rides mostly leave from  Good Vibes Bikes location and discover the hidden neighborhood connections from one bike path to another, all on very low-traffic roads.

Many rides begin on weekend mornings, and complimentary bike check-ups and a bathroom are available at the starting location! Special thanks to Martine Palmiter, organizer and ride leader! Since the first ride on March 13, 2021, this group has grown to over 450 members.

Now offering beginner and intermediate-level rides, the repertoire of routes continues to expand. Congratulations to members who have expanded their cycling experience and maybe pedaled a bit further.

This is a great way to get out, learn some new routes, and have some fun socializing in the process.

For more information, schedules, and updates, please like us on Facebook and sign up on our Meetup page

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