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As one of the only fully electric bike shops in the area
these are some phrases that we hear every day.

  • I bought an e-bike online but the company is in China and no parts are available! 

  • Do you carry all kinds of batteries? My battery only lasts for 5 miles.

  • I have a problem with my controller, can you change it for me? they are in...

  • The company where I bought my bike does not respond to my email anymore!

  • My e-bike cost me $600 but now they want to charge $500 for a new battery!

  • Regular bike shops don't want to repair my e-bike! can you do repairs?

  • Amazon is great! they sent it with free shipping and received next day but I don't know why is not working. 

  • Can you check my brakes? it has a squeaking noise

  • what? $200 for assembling? but is just installing the front wheel right?


Not just another online business! Here you can come, touch, see, feel, and try all our bikes before purchasing

people here to help

We love E-bikes the same way as you do.

You can talk with us, ask questions, hear advices

and we can ride together

We have the right bike for you

Bikes come in different sizes, models, styles, colors, etc.

The only way to know if that bike is the right one for you is by taking a spin on it 

we ride the bikes we sell

We are very picky with the bikes we sell, we don't mess with faulty products that do not meet our selection process

We are an authorized dealer

We sell more than 10 different e-bike brands and we are here when you need after-sales support, repairs or parts.

test rides

Some products simply make no sense to buy online.

Try, See, touch & ride it before you buy.

Is very important.


Bikes required professional assembling for your safety.

free local delivery

We deliver your new bike fully assembled to your house or office.

(25 miles around our shop)

MD - DC - VA

low price

We can match any competitor's price.

Same price or lower as amazon or from a drop-ship online dealers

best customer service

We prefer phone than clicks.

We stand behind every bike that we sell, If anything goes wrong, we can repair for you.

First tune-up free

Bikes come in boxes and require assembling and tune up, after 3 months or 100 miles, cables stretch, bolts can get loose, we adjust everything again for you at no cost.

Bikes with warranty

We handle all warranty issues for you , either by making the adjustments or replacements or by dealing with the manufacturer.

more reasons
coming soon

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