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Maryland's Own E-bike Conversion Kit Brand!


Read customer testimonials on Google reviews. Our customers rate the quality of our kits, our work, services, communications, and after-sales support.

Electric bikes and conversion kits are all we do. We don’t play at this, we specialize in this, so we understand the technology, the market, and what to do and don't. 

Our pricing is fair.  We offer some of the most competitive prices on the internet, our kits are complete with battery, display, throttle, pedal-assist with integrated sensor, and minimalist design.

We’re in Rockville, MD based, and we offer warranties and support. So if something does go wrong, you’re protected.

Let us convert the bike that you already own and
love into a high-performance power-assisted bike
and get some extra push on your rides

custom e-bike conversions Rockville

Our kits are designed to let you pedal your bike as normal.

However, the motor on the bike makes this easier by assisting you and increases the total power transferred to the wheels.


Keeping your original bike saves a significant budget overpaying 1000,s of dollars for a new electric bike.

Minimalist design, Lightweight, small, powerful, smooth, silent, efficient & maintenance-free motor on the wheel.

Discreet water bottle battery, onlookers aren’t going to understand how you pedal so fast.

How does it work?

  • Just buy any kit from us

  • Select on delivery method "Pick up in-store" so we keep and separate that kit for you, as they sell fast!

  • Make an appointment to bring your bike to our store or call us to pick it up (DMV Area only) 30 miles around our store.

  • Give as like 2 or 3 days to convert your regular bike to an electric one.

  • We will let you know when your bike is ready to pick it up or we deliver it to you ($35 extra)

Or simply make an appointment to bring your bike with a free consultation and free test ride before you buy

How Much does it cost? and why so cheap?

We charge $75 for front-wheel kit installation and $100 for back-wheel kit installation.

We do a free inspection and wipe down of your bike, a Minor Lubrication, and Safety Nut & Bolt Check before installation.

If your bike required minor wheel truing, brake adjustments, shift adjustments, Bearing Adjustments, Replacing Shift/Brake Cables & Housing, or chains for your security, we charge up to $75 extra + parts, We will let you know if is any extra cost before installing your conversion kit.

We don't expect to make money on installations or adjustments but sometimes bikes required for your safety.

The price we charge is basically to cover the costs for installation, mechanic time and materials we use.

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