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Most brands on the market are DTC (Direct To Customer Only).
The idea is to save the extra markup and pass that savings to you. 
Sounds too good to be true, right? 
They only want to earn more money and kill the bike industry.
That's why many retail bike shops are shutting their doors today.

Did you ever think about what would happen if you had a problem with your bike?

Who would repair it? 
Is on you to call or email, and explain the issues, and then wait on the response or a video call to assist you on how to fix your bike on your own.
But the reality is phone calls, emails & video chats never compare to direct face-to-face communication and butt-on-saddle experience.
Big companies offer repairs through local mobile services at the comfort of your own home that charge you astronomical fees.

 Bikes need to be assembled professionally for your safety. 
Disk brakes need to be aligned, wheels can get tweaked in transit, meaning extra time and money to get those issues resolved.
You will likely have to go to your local bike shop for parts or repairs, or worst you might have to pay for shipping if the bike needs to ship back.

Those are the reasons why we do not sell DTC brands. We prefer to work only with companies that offer the best customer service; through distributors, technical assistance, and parts availability.

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