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We strongly believe that bicycles should not be shipped directly to end customers by manufacturers for multiple reasons

SAFETY: Bikes need to be assembled professionally for your safety, disk brakes need to be aligned to stop, gears to shift, wheels can get tweaked in transit, and bolts need to be securely tightened.

COMMON SENSE:  Some products simply make no sense to buy online, buy where you know it can get repaired later.

TEST RIDE: Bikes come in different sizes, models, and styles, the only way to know if that bike is the right one for you is by taking a spin on it.

Some bikes look great online, but may not have the ride experience that you expected.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: We stand behind every bike that we sell, if anything goes wrong we can repair it for you.

PEACE OF MIND: We handle all the warranty issues for you, either by making the adjustments, replacements or dealing with the manufacturer.

ECONOMY: When you buy local, your money stays local in your community, city, state or area.

We give you free assembling, free delivery (20 miles) free initial tune-up up and 6 months of free adjustments.

ETHICS: Manufacturers can not be online retailers and wholesalers at the same time, it is not right.

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