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36V vs 48V e-bike Motors

Riding an electric bike has a number of benefits that can make it an ideal choice for many cyclists. Increasing your efficiency and range can make it possible to ride for many more miles than you ever could on your own power.

is bigger always better? or sometimes less is more?

In terms of weight, the 48 volt is bigger and heavier than the 36 volts battery. They have more cells, and this adds to not only the weight but also the price.

The 48 volts accelerate too quickly to some people, which make the experience feel a bit unnatural to retain the qualities of a bicycle.

People wants some dignity from riding an e-bike that is not too much like a motorcycle. They still want the peddling to count to feel a sense of accomplishment.

I want my pedaling to contribute to my cycling experience. I want to get a work out. I want to sweat a little (but not a lot).

With a 36v ebike motor, I can find that nice balance between motor and muscle. No distance is too far. No hill is too steep, but I’m still finding that joy of riding a bike.

It’s like comparing a stick shift to an automatic. One’s about getting to a destination, while the other is about enjoying the drive there.

36 volt 350 watts bicycles can be very satisfying and functional... especially when they are light weight and the rider enjoys pedaling along.

If you like to ride bicycles, get the 36V. If you want a more motorcycle like experience get the 48V

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