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Visit our Rockville Bicycle Repair Center for Bike repairs, upgrades, and Tune-ups.
Good Vibes Bikes / Evo Cycle works

Our mission is to put more people on bicycles! what better way to get your bike working like new again? 
Our mechanics will do a full inspection of your bike and recommend actions to turn your bicycle into perfect conditions. Ultimately, the choice is up to you...No obligations!

safety first



A: Air on tires

B: Brakes and Bolts tightening

C: Chain Cleaning & lube, Crank, Cassette,



*Parts not included

our most Popular


E-bikes $105 

FREE Bike Wash ($45 value)

Clean and degrease drive train

Fresh lube (chain, joints, cables)

Brake service

Derailleur/shifter adjustments

True Wheels

Tighten Bolts

+3 months Free Warranty

*Parts not included

all inclusive


E-bikes $165

The same as our Most Popular Tune-up but much better! Includes all small parts required for optimal maintenance as inner tubes, brake pads, cables housing, wheel bearings, etc.

+6 months Free Warranty

*Includes all small parts.

*Major parts not included.

convert into an e-bike


Conversion Kit and parts are separate, price is only for labor and delivery.

We start with a deep cleaning, steam and foam wash of the frame, wheels and components, then is when the magic start, we turn your regular bike into an ultimate pedal assist e-bike, we finish our piece of art with a frame polish and waxing, brakes and gears adjustments to work perfectly and to look like new again,  we deliver to you and training you on how to use and take care of your new e-bike.

We do our best to get tune-ups finished within 24-48hrs

E-bike Assemble & Tune-up $160

Regular Bikes Assemble and tune-up $99


Have you just bought a new bike online?

Bikes need to be assembled professionally for your safety. 
Brakes need to be aligned, wheels can get tweaked in transit, gears need adjustments and bolts tighten.

When you purchase an e-bike, service is a big part of the decision.
We stand behind every bike we sell, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong you can be assured we will make it right, we deal with the manufacturers to get parts immediately and fix your bike as soon as possible.

Plan Your Bike Service

We've made it easier than ever to drop off your bike for maintenance or repair work.  Simply book your drop-off time online and one of our friendly, professional mechanics will be ready for you when you arrive.

Bicycle Pick Up and Delivery Available for $35 up to 25 miles from our bike shop in Rockville, MD

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