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Rockville Bicycle Repair Center for Bike repairs, upgrades, and Tune-ups.

Our mechanics will do a full inspection of your bike and recommend actions to turn your bicycle into perfect condition. Ultimately, the choice is up to you...No obligations!

safety first



A: Air on tires

B: Brakes and Bolts tightening

C: Chain Cleaning & lube,


*Parts not included

The basic


E-bikes $115 

  • Wipe down frame.

  • Front and rear derailleur adjustments.

  • Front and rear brake adjustments.

  • Headset adjustment.

  • Spot true wheels.

  • Cleaning and lube chain.

  • Safety check.

  • Inflate tires.

  • 3 months warranty.

*Parts not included

Full tune up


E-bikes $175

  • Removal and ultrasonic deep cleaning of the drivetrain.

  • Advance wheel truing. (true & tension)

  • Hub adjustment.

  • Headset adjustment.

  • Bottom Bracket Adjustment.

  • Front and rear derailleur adjustment.

  • Front and rear brake adjustments.

  • Cables and pivots lubrication.

  • New tires installation. (tires not included)

  • Bike wash detailing

  • Includes labor of installing new drivetrain.

  • 6 months warranty.

*Small parts included

-Major parts not included

Elite overhaul
(New Bike Feeling)


E-bikes $300

  • Complete disassembly of your bike, and remove all components.

  • Deep cleaning and re-lube of all components.

  • Flush and replace hydraulic fluids

  • Replace and re-routing new cables and housing.

  • Re-greasing and packing bearings and replacing small parts

  • Bike wash detailing

  • Reassemble the bicycle back to a new feel.

  • Includes labor of installing new parts.

  • 1-year warranty.

*Small parts included

*Major parts not included


We've made it easier than ever to drop off your bike for maintenance or repair work.  Simply book your drop-off time online and one of our friendly, professional mechanics will be ready for you when you arrive.

Bicycle Pick Up and Delivery Available for $35 up to 25 miles from our bike shop in Rockville, MD

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