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Buying an e-bike In-store vs online

Updated: May 28, 2022

Consider buying from a bike shop

Check out your local bike shops that specialize in electric bikes, this can be a good first point to explore e-bikes.

A new e-bike from a bike shop should save you a lot of worries. Their team will assemble the bike, do a tune-up, and check the e-bike components to verify that it is ready to roll.

Shops also offer special pricing on demos and the same prices you can find online, as they bought bikes with dealer discounts.

Do a Test Ride:

Always test ride prior to buying it. Some bikes look great online but may not have the ride experience you expected if you take them for a spin.

Do your Homework!

Do online research. This can save you from wasting time or money on an e-bike that's not the right one for you. Internet explorations provide valuable information about bike price and specs but are just a starting point for learning about a particular e-bike. You just need to get out and explore and test ride and find the one that clicks for you. Research and education are important but the "hands-on" experience is more important. It's a whole lot more fun to be out there riding than just plopped in front of a computer.


Did you ever think about what would happen if you have a problem with your bike?

who would repair it?

You cannot bring your bike into an online store, but you can bring it into your local bike shop, right?

Many bike brands come from out of your state or from out of the country.

Is on you to call or email and explain the issues, and then wait a couple of days for a response, then they can assist you on how to fix your bike on your own.

But the reality is phone calls or chats never compare to direct face-to-face communication and butt-on saddle experience.

If I buy online I get Free Shipping

Remember nothing is free! when you buy your bike online, brakes need to be aligned to stop, gears to shift, wheels can get tweaked in transit, and bolts need to be securely tightened meaning extra time and money to get those issues resolved. You will likely have to go to your local bike shop for parts or repairs, or worst you might have to pay for shipping if the bike needs to ship back. That can be a hassle, even if shipping is free.

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