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Rockville's Electric Bike Repair Center

Good Vibes Bikes specializes in electric bike sales and repairs, we are very picky in selecting the brands that we sell for quality, warranties, support, and part availability.

We are an authorized dealer and repair shop for Aventon, Velotric, Specialized, Marin, Eunorau, Ecotric, Blix, NCM, and Flyer Bikes.

All these brands' bikes are serviced in our Rockville location by our experienced technicians and all our bikes are also covered by manufacturer's warranties on motor, battery, frame, and components.

Additionally, we also partner with Lectric, Rad Power, and Priority Bikes as their local repair service center

If your e-bike is a different brand than the brands mentioned and requires maintenance, we can help you with tune-ups, brake services, tire services, suspension, and regular maintenance.

Electrical problems on many off-branded bikes cannot be easy to diagnose as we are not familiar with or do not have the correct parts and equipment to test them correctly, We reserve the right to refuse any service.

For bikes purchased with us and still under warranty, we will diagnose and repair them at no cost.

For bikes purchased directly online or in a different shop, we will charge for diagnostic, services, and parts replacement.

We always give top priority to our loyal customers!

If you are going to bring your bike for a service, please do not forget to bring your charger, key, and copy of your invoice if is under warranty, these will save you a trip!

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