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Updated: May 23, 2022

Simple design, just 3 pieces, powerful, easy to install

You don't need to pay full price for a new electric bike

A smart decision is to convert your existing bike into an electric one with our conversion kits for much less money.

Good vibes kits fit all kinds of bikes

It doesn't matter if is a hybrid, Mountain bike, road bike or a cruiser, V brake or disk brake, you can easily convert any bike just replacing the front wheel for one of our motorized wheels with rim and tire included for an easy installation, then install the water bottle battery in your bike frame and a full LCD display in your handlebar in 10 minutes or less, just 3 pieces and 1 cable... easy peasy lemon squeeze!

Now you have to decide if you want full power or pedal assistance, fortunately, our kits have both options, we include a display with integrated thumb throttle which you can monitor the battery power, mileage, and speed, also 5 different riding modes for the pedal-assist feature or just use the throttle for a fully electric mode.

Remember more pedaling means more range and better health!

Motor Size

We consider 250W too weak as is good only for flat surfaces and lighter riders, in the other side 750W or 1000W to heavy and dangerous and only need it if you used for off-road, very high hills, or carrying a lot of weight as a commercial delivery bike or a cargo family bike, 500W powerful enough but we select 350W as the winner in all our kits as they are lighter, small and use less battery power for more miles to enjoy in any terrain


There is no better conversion kit as each one has unique needs

The best electric bike conversion kits can help you commute faster, improve fitness, lower stress levels, have fun, and enjoy life more.

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